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Let me start with what is becoming a habit: an apology for how long it’s been since the last episode.

Last time, well, last time we had the interview with Scott Bonn, but in the last Pee Wee Gaskins episode, Pee Wee murdered a number of so called friends and business associates.

This episode, being acquainted with Pee Wee continues to be a dangerous prospect.

Also, I’ll warn you that in the Odds and Ends section, there is considerable non-US news. I don’t have to tell you what that means for proper pronunciation.

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We’re taking a brief break from Pee Wee Gaskins to have our first interview show. Our guest today is Scott Bonn, a criminology professor and expert on serial killers and the media.

Doc Bonn and I discussed issues such as serial killer myths, why people are fascinated by serial murder, why the media focuses on one murder series and not another, his conversations with David Berkowitz, and the Gilgo Beach Serial Killer.

We recorded the interview over Skype, so I apologize in advance for any sound issues there might be.

This interview was recorded on March 13, 2012. No Odds & Ends this episode. We’ll catch up on the news next time.

Mentioned in the Episode: David Berkowitz, Joel Rifkin, Dennis Rader, Aileen Wuornos, Ted Bundy, Vincent Groves, Harrison Graham, Mark Goudeau, Antonio Rodriquez, John Wayne Gacy, Gilgo Beach Serial Killer, Eastbound Strangler

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I apologize for taking so long to get an episode out. Mrs. SK Podcast returned to work a few weeks ago, and somehow my small amount of podcasting time got even smaller. Hopefully, this big episode will make up for some of that.

Last episode, Donald “Pee Wee” Gaskins had begun committing what he would later call “Coastal Kills”, and had committed the first two if his “Serious Murders”. These were of his niece and her good friend.

I had a pair of reports on the last episode from people that listened to the episode as they went to sleep. As a result, the Pee Wee Gaskins story managed to be incorporated into their dreams.

In general, I’d say falling asleep while listening to this podcast is a bad idea. But I especially recommend against it right now because in this episode, Pee Wee commits several more horrible murders, including one of the most ghastly I’ve ever read about.

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Thank you for all the suggestions of how the podcast could make a little money. I’m working my way through them and will be implementing the ones that make sense.

One that was easy to implement, and is thus already in place, is accepting PayPal donations. You can find a button to donate on the website. Anything helps!

And, I’d like to give a big thanks to those who have already donated. I really appreciate it.

Ok, now I feel like a PBS affiliate TV station.

Also, I’ve set up a store with CafePress for Serial Killer Podcast branded shirts and the like. You can find a link to it from the website. The show makes a few dollars from each sale.

In any case, last episode, Donald “Pee Wee” Gaskins did his Federal time, got out, and was soon thrown back into prison for rape. He also began developing what he later called a sense of “bothersomeness”, for which there seemed to be no cure. 

This episode, Pee Wee discovers the violent, sadistic cure to his pain. If any listeners wonder why Pee Wee was sometimes referred to as the “Meanest Man in America”, you may now begin to understand.

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Happy New Year, and I apologize for taking so long to get this episode out. As many of you certainly know, it’s amazing how much time an infant can consume. And, she comes first.

Unfortunately, podcasting comes in, at best, at third. Second is my consulting, because bills have to be paid.

One of the things I’ll be exploring in the near future is how this podcast could perhaps generate a bit of income. My needs aren’t great, but making money from podcasting isn’t easy.

Don’t worry. I have no plans to switch to a subscription model, or anything like that. This podcast will always be available free of charge.

But if anyone knows of a company that might be interested in advertising on a podcast, let me know!

In the meantime, if you’re looking to purchase any books on serial killers, you can probably find them listed in the bibliography of the website. If you click on the link you find next to the book, and purchase it, I’ll get a small percentage of the sale.

It ain’t gonna make me rich, but it does help cover the costs.

In any case, last episode, Donald “Pee Wee” Gaskins had just been transferred from the South Carolina State Pen to the Federal Prison in Atlanta.

This episode, Pee Wee does his time in the Federal Prison, gets out, and, of course, continues to get into lots of trouble on the outside.

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Last time, Donald “Pee Wee” Gaskins had just been sentenced to six years in the state pen for assault and battery.

This episode, Pee Wee learns how much worse the state pen is than reform school, and commits his first murder.

Note: In the Odds & Ends section, I talk about remains that had been found and believed to be Shannan GIlbert's. At the time of recording, positive ID had not been made. But before I released the episode, it was announced that they did belong to Shannan Gilbert.

Cause of death has not yet been determined.

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Last time, Donald “Pee Wee” Gaskins was sentenced to reform school, where he learned just how sadistic the real world can be. He escaped, but was quickly caught.

This episode, Pee Wee escapes again, and joins a traveling carnival.

In the intro to the last episode, I said that the addition to my family hadn’t arrived yet. Well, between recording the episode and posting, Mrs. SK Podcast’s water broke and Baby SK Podcast joined the world 21 hours later.

Yes, 21… long… hours…

Thank you for all the kind words and congratulations. They’re certainly appreciated.

In any case, we’re all adjusting and I think I can get an episode out every two weeks, at the worst. Hopefully, it’ll be closer to weekly.

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Last time, Donald “Pee Wee” Gaskins had committed his first rape along with the other two members of the Trouble Trio. The consequences had been horrible beatings for two of the Trio, and the breaking up of the group.

This week, Pee Wee’s violent crimes really catch up with him, and he’s sentenced to reform school, for a little “rehabilitation”.

Just a quick note, when I recorded this episode, the baby had not yet come. But before I could get it edited, Mrs. SK Podcast’s water broke.

As of the time I uploaded this episode, she wasn’t here yet, but should be soon!

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This week, we begin our profile of Donald "Pee Wee" Gaskins. Most serial killers either kill strangers or people they know. Gaskins was unusual in that he killed both.

He was also one of the meanest, most sadistic S.O.B.'s I've ever read about.


Much of the Donald Gaskins story is based upon what he said about himself, and cannot be independently corroborated. I'll do my best to sort through the B.S., but some will surely make its way into the show.

I'll be using two primary sources for these podcasts, which are the two books written about Gaskins. One of them is an autobiography, and probably has a great deal of self-serving claptrap, but our real information is somewhat limited.

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Last week, we looked at 4 of the 7 phases of the serial killer cycle: the aura phase, the trolling phase, the wooing phase, and the capture.

This week, we look at the last three phases: the murder, the totem phase, and the depression phase.

By the way, this episode marks one year since I began broadcasting the Serial Killers Podcast. I’d like to thank you all for listening. I hope you’ve learned a great deal about serial murder. I know I have.

I’ve also learned a lot about how to structure a podcast, and how to record audio. The latter, especially, still has room for improvement, but the next steps I need to take are further hardware improvement. That’s probably not going to happen until the baby comes along, and the initial purchases are made.

Babies get cheaper after the first couple of months, right?

In any case, episodes of the Serial Killers Podcast have been downloaded about 168-thousand times over the last year. I haven’t been able to find any comparative information on podcast traffic, but it seems like a decent amount to me.

I’m happy to share more on the statistics of the show, but I won’t do so unless there’s interest. I don’t want to bore you. And, if anyone can point me towards any averages in the podcast industry, I’d love to see them.

In any case, on to the show…

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